#TheGoodStuff - Luke Comfort Dog Is Back Home!

We were lucky enough to get to meet Judy and Luke Comfort Dog after covering a story about the comfort dogs that were there to bring peace and comfort to the victims of the Las Vegas Shootings.  We didn't even know that one of those Comfort Dogs lived right here in Atlanta!  Here is Judy's last message to us.  This makes our hearts so happy!!!!

Hi guys,

We are back safe and sound.

Luke is resting for two days as needed after any deployment.

He did amazing work. We ask that you all pray for the families of Parkland, Florida.

The children are now back to school.

Many of the kids thought Luke was their favorite!

This Sunday, March 11, Faith Marietta Lutheran Church welcomes Hope Comfort Dog.

The second Lutheran Church Charities Comfort dog to the greater Atlanta area.

Dogs from Hilton Head, Memphis, and Savannah welcome Hope!

Services are at 8:15 and 11am if you are in the area.

Lutheran Church Charities comfort dogs are now in 25 states with over 120 dogs placed.

Thanks for all you guys do. And remember we can only go where we are invited, maybe you will need us to visit again and introduce you to HOPE!

Thanks and blessings,

Judy Adams

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