You Choose The News for Monday, July 9th 2018


Study Finds These Chips Have The Least Amount Of Air In The Package

As much as we love chips, we can all agree that the fact that almost half the bag is air is the worst. We get it, it’s done for “packaging reasons” and we don’t want our chips to be crushed, but we would like more chips in all that space. So Kitchen Cabinet Kings did the research to find out which brands give us more snack for our money.

Fritos - 19% air

Pringles - 28% air

Tostitos Scoops - 34% air

Lays Baked - 39% air

Sun Chips - 41% air

Lays - 41% air

Popchips - 45% air

Cape Cod - 46% air

Kettle Brand - 47% air

Doritos - 48% air

TERRA - 49% air

Stacy’s Pita Chips - 50% air

Ruffles - 50% air

Cheetos - 59% air


Starbucks Employee Delivers A Baby Outside of Store

A Starbucks worker in Tacoma named Rashelle Rehms is being credited for her quick thinking after she helped a woman deliver her baby outside of the store.

Rehms is a shift supervisor at the Starbucks where she’s worked for the last five years. She’s seen some pretty interesting things, but this is the first time she's delivered a baby.

She was working her typical overnight shift when a man knocked on the window around 1 a.m. Friday morning. He said a woman was about to have a baby.

Rehms immediately jumped into action.

She grabbed towels and ran out to the grassy slope right outside the store

“The lady was laying right here. So I got the towels for her this side,” she said.

Seconds later, the baby was out.

Paramedics showed up shortly after.

Rehms said she also hopes to stay in touch with the mom so she can get updates on the baby.

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