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Hospital Gives Honor Walk To Organ Donor Who Saved Three Lives

When 41-year-old father Cletus Schnieders III passed away suddenly, his wife and three young children were devastated. He choked on his dinner and was declared brain dead after two days in the hospital. But the silver lining to his death is that he was an organ donor.

Clete’s wife, Carrie, honored her late husband’s wishes for organ donation and his kidneys and liver saved three lives and his donation also contributed to the lives of 50 others. At Mercy West Hospital, the family prepared to say goodbye in a touching ceremony called “The Honor Walk” where 150 hospital staff, nurses, and loved ones line the hallway to pay respects as Clete’s body was moved from the intensive care unit to the operating room.

Carrie posted a photo on Facebook of the moving moment and it was shared on sites dedicated to organ donation. She says the messages of support kept her going during such a difficult time.



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