You Choose The News for September 13th 2018


Does Sweating More In A Workout Mean More Weight Loss?

Some of us judge how intense our workout was by the amount of sweat we’re drenched in when it’s over, but is there anything to that? We’d like to think that sweating more means we’re burning more calories and losing more weight, but it turns out, perspiration isn’t really an accurate way to tell how hard we’re working.

"Sweating isn't the best measure of workout effectiveness," explains Meghan Nagel, manager of fitness programming at Virtual Health Partners. "Sweating is simply the body's cooling mechanism, and everyone's internal air conditioners work a bit differently.”


Supermodel Says What Jason Thinks Is The Dumbest Comment Ever

Model Devon Windsor is apologizing for comments she made suggesting she can relate to the struggles of women of color because she’s blonde.

Unfortunately, Windsor attempted to equate her own struggles as a white model with the unique issues faced by women of color when the subject of diversity in modeling came up.

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