Prank and You Shall Receive

Okay.  This is awesome.  And to all of you pranksters out there...take note.  You can actually prank to bring awareness.  You don't have to prank while damaging property or hurting others.

Two pranksters in Texas are getting a big paycheck.

Friends Jevh Maravilla and Christian Toledo tacked up a fake marketing poster of themselves in a McDonald's in Pearland back in July and it went unnoticed for months. The two got the idea after noticing that pictures in the restaurant didn't feature anyone of Asian descent.

They got the poster up by buying a uniform at Goodwill and faking being an employee. Brilliant!

McDonald's got word of the trick and ended up awarding them each 25-thousand-dollars to be in an upcoming marketing campaign. Ellen DeGeneres surprised the two with the news on her show this week.

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