You Choose The News for Tuesday, October 2nd 2018


Hospital Saves Boy’s Life With Five Hours Of CPR

Staff from a children’s hospital in China are making headlines for performing CPR on an eight-year-old boy for over five hours to save his life. The child went into cardiac arrest under their care after being admitted with extreme abdominal pain and a high fever.

When tests confirmed the boy’s heart was in dire shape, he was moved to the intensive care unit and while waiting to be transferred to another hospital which was better equipped to treat his condition, his blood pressure dropped and his heart stopped. That’s when 30 staff members took turns working on the boy, rotating in shifts of two minutes, for the marathon five-hour CPR session, keeping him alive until help from the other hospital arrived. The child is now in stable condition and thanks the hospital staff for saving his life.


Guy's Gender-Reveal Party Misfired Horribly

An Arizona man just wanted to reveal to the world the gender of his wife's soon to-be-born baby. Unfortunately, he ended up setting off a 47,000-acre wildfire that cost $8 million!!!

As a result, Dennis Dickey is now responsible for paying $220,000 in penalties. 

Last year, the off-duty Border Patrol agent shot a target filled with the explosive Tannerite and colored powder—blue for boy, pink for girl—on a dry and windy day in Green Valley, Arizona. One problem - it started a brush fire that quickly spiraled out of control.

He says he feels horrible about it. He's also calling it one of the worst days of his life.  

Here's the good news - because it was an accident, he hasn't been charged with arson.  And it looks like he'll probably keep his Border Control job.  More good news - there were no injuries.  

Dickey immediately dipped into his retirement fund to hand over $100,000 and will make monthly payments of $500 for the next 20 years.  He'll also make a Public Service Announcements to warn other dads-to-be to skip the Tannerite.

We still don't know...if it'll be boy or a girl!!!!!!

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