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Best Text To Send If You Had A Great Date And Haven’t Heard Back

So many dates are duds that when you finally go on one and have a good time with the other person, it’s fantastic. And then when you don’t hear back from them afterwards, you wait patiently. But how long should you give them? And then you start thinking maybe they’re waiting to hear from you, so should you reach out? It’s easy to overthink this situation, you don’t want to seem overeager, but you want to show you’re interested.

If you’re a woman who went out with a man and want to stick to the old tradition of waiting for the guy to initiate contact, that’s fine. But if you don’t care about that, online dating expert Julie Spira says there’s no reason you can’t take control of your dating life and send a text after a great date."These days it’s fine for both women and men [regardless of sexuality] to send the first text after a great first date," Spira explains. "Sending a text that says, 'I had a blast last night,' along with a wink or smile [emoji] will put a smile on the face of your date and will usually result in a reply."

And that text opens the door for a chat so they can respond how they see fit. It’s casual and breezy and keeps you from waiting around to see if they’ll reach out first. As for when to send that text, Spira advises doing it in the morning. And it may help secure your next date.


Bring Your Bible to School Day

Students across the country may have an additional book in their backpacks as they head to class Thursday.

Oct. 4 is the fifth year of Bring Your Bible to School Day, where students are encouraged to bring the religious tome to class with them.

The movement was started in 2014 by Focus on the Family. They're a Christian conservative group, or as it calls itself, a ministry, that says it helps couples build healthy marriages and teaching children about God and how He fits into the family structure.

Students are also encouraged to use the hashtag #BringYourBible on their social media accounts.

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