You Choose The News for Tuesday, October 16th 2018



This day became known as Bosses Day when Patricia Bays Haroski of State Farm Insurance registered it with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The kicker: Her boss was her father!

Today is your chance to let your boss know how you really feel about them! If you love your boss, then shower them with love and gifts to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. A good boss is said to be fair, honest, understanding, and approachable. Hopefully, you’re lucky enough to work with someone who has some these great qualities!



The Georgia DOT has confirmed that the very last cow from that overturned tractor trailer accident has been located and wrangled.  

A total of 89 cows were on the truck when it overturned and police previously thought they had caught the last one.  There was one left over - but not anymore!  Want some puns about it?  You know Jason always has a list of Pullman's Puns...sigh.

Pullman’s Puns -

I herd about it on the BULL.

Udderly not cool.

Milked it for all it’s worth.

Don’t cry over spilled milk.

I skimmed one when I was driving on 285.


I spotted one.

The traffic was awful the first calf of the morning.

People were sitting in traffic for so long, they were having a cow.

Let’s pray the last one lives… 


Traffic was really fat thanks to those heifers!

I told one cow it was time for her to go to bed…it was pasture bed time.

Taking cow tipping to a whole new level

Steaks were high

Where’s the beef?

So may people were mad sitting in traffic, those cows tanned our hides.

Hasn’t this happened before…? Deja moo!

A lot of kids were late to school, yeah they had a cow-culous test.

Ain’t that a bunch of BULL-beep!

It was no cow incidence that there was so much traffic.

Mess with the bull, you get the horn!!

I’m not uttering another herd I mean word!

I tried to maneuver to avoid the manure!

Time for me to go back to bed aka hit the hay!

Jesus take the VEAL.

Moo-sic to your ears.

I apologize, I butchered those.

Everything is going in one ear and out the udder!

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