You Choose The News for Wednesday, Nov. 7th 2018


Thanksgiving dinner in a can … a Pringles can, that is. 

Pringles is releasing three Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles flavors — turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie — starting today. You can order them in a three-pack online at the Kellogg's Store. But you better hurry. They’re only available for a limited time.


At 83, John Pinter is not about to give up his right to vote, even if he has to hoof it to the polls.

And that's what happened Tuesday.

On Monday night, he hit a deer, totaling his car on his way home from a business trip. So, on Election Day, he could be seen cane-in-hand walking nearly a mile from his apartment building to the Community Center Gym to cast his votes.

"I've got emphysema, so I take about 20 steps and I've gotta stop," said Pinter, who is better known in some circles as half of the festival favorite dancing duo the Polkateers.

"I've never missed an election. I had to vote today," he said. "That's a freedom Americans have."

Pinter said he called around Tuesday morning hoping to hitch a ride to the polls, but to no avail.

"So, I decided, the best thing to do was walk."

Pinter was offered a ride home from the polls but declined. Instead, he went to the library to begin searching for a new car so he can hit the road again.


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