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Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

When you get stuck in a weight plateau, there’s always a reason and a solution

The trick is to identify the areas you need to work on

Weight loss experts are giving us some key points to help make the pounds drop

If you’ve been doing all the right things to shed pounds, but they aren’t coming off, there’s a reason. The good news is… there’s also a solution! There are steps you can take to stay on track and achieve your goal, but you’ve got to be realistic.

Here are some steps, according to some top weight loss experts, to breakthrough that plateau.

Remember that you’re losing weight. It’s just coming off s-l-o-w-l-y.

You aren’t drinking enough water. Water powers weight loss.

You aren’t sleeping enough. Dr. Craig Primack says “One study showed that the same person burned 400 fewer calories when they slept for five and a half hours vs. eight and a half hours.”

Your medication may be to blame. Read up on it.

You only eat healthy sometimes.

You’re stressed. Cortisol ruins everything.

Your exercise routine isn’t challenging your body.


Ten Ways UGA Can Beat Alabama

Jason's friend, Andy, posted a funny list of ways UGA can beat Alabama in the SEC Championship game:

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