Help Abby Spread The Kindness

Let us introduce you to Abby.  She's a fourth-grader at Gum Springs elementary school in Jackson County. 

Abby is in a gifted class called Challenge. Her challenge teachers are Ms. Gowen and Ms. Laird. 

Abby's class was given an assignment to do either an invention or a service project. Abby was eager to do a service project but couldn’t decide what to do. She wanted to help kids, animals and older people. So her family kept suggesting different ideas.  Abby was great about accepting those ideas, but nothing really excited her.

A couple of days later she asked her mom if she could give out gift cards to an act of kindness.  Her mom, Jennifer, suggested that maybe they could just "BE KIND" to everyone.  That's when Abby decided to make that her service project!

She said she would be kind to different people each week.  With help from her teachers and her mom, Abby picks her challenges for kids and adults each week.  Abby has been fantastic about making videos to announce the challenge for each week. She even made special cards that people can hand out during when one of these acts of kindness happens.  See below.  She's doing it for 12 weeks.

This is where YOU can do your part.  This week, Abby is asking people to write a "thank you" card to the first responders who are fighting fires and nurses taking care of people in California.  And to make it easy for you, Abby created a post on FB where you can just leave your message of gratitude online.  She and her mom will print all of them out and make sure they get to those who deserve them!  Just take a couple of minutes to do something that will REALLY make somebody's day!

To make it even just need to click the picture below to go directly to Abby's Butterfly Effect FB page!  

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