You Choose The News for Tuesday, January 22nd 2019


Were You Feeling A Little Down Yesterday? 

It might be because yesterday was Blue Monday. Yesterday, the third Monday of January, has been dubbed Blue Monday, because it's supposed to be "the most depressing day of the year." Why? Apparently for a lot of people, the winter blues are sinking in. The holidays are over, the days are shorter and colder, and there’s a LOT of winter ahead.  Also, most people have ditched their resolutions, so they are feeling unmotivated.


Girl Meets Guy on Bumble...Then Lands in Court

Her first error came in shooting a deer out of season, at night, with a spotlight, and leaving all but the head and backstrap meat to rot. Her second error came in boasting about the poaching crime in conversation with a potential beau on a dating app, who turned out to be an Oklahoma game warden. 


When she provided a photo from the hunt, the man, whose profile doesn't mention his job, did some digging. The next day, game wardens showed up at the woman's door.  She may have been looking for a date...but probably not a court date.  That's exactly what she got!

She and a male accomplice were fined $2,400. date.

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