TAX DAY IN ATL! Post offices open late and fraud alerts

Here we are again....April 15....TAX DAY! Here are a few changes this year:

  • The standard deduction for single filers rose to $12,200
  • The standard deduction Married Joint filers rose to $24,400
  • IRS has eliminated the individual health insurance mandate (but if you lacked coverage in 2018 you may still be fine on this return)
  • Personal exemptions remain at zero

Tax Day is also the biggest day for robocalls and fraud. A new study found scammers like tax day because people are more insecure about whether they made mistakes on their return and tend to be more susceptible to someone posing as the IRS asking for money or personal info. Remember - the IRS will NOT call you!


There are several post offices that are open after 5 pm today and the Atlanta main office is open until 11:59 pm. AJC has compiled an awesome list you can check out by clicking here!

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