Jake Owen’s Stomping Grounds Revealed In New Single, ‘Homemade’

Jake Owen takes it back to his country roots with new single, “Homemade.”

As the third single from Jake’s newest album, ‘Greetings From…Jake,’ this country tale steps away from his typical beachy undertones to deliver a country track inspired by rural roots, old stomping grounds, and distant memories.

Mama’s sweet tea is sounding really sweet. Take a listen by clicking on the video below and let Cody Alan know what you think by tweeting him at @CodyAlan.

Jake and his girlfriend, Erica Hartlein are making a home for themselves as they welcome their first daughter together, Paris Hartley. Paris arrived on April 29th, making Jake’s oldest daughter Pearl a big sister (and possibly psychic)!

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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