Cody’s Craziest Costume Ideas For Halloween

To help give you some Halloween inspiration and get you in a spooky mood, Cody Alan gathered up a few costume ideas to share.

From homemade costume ideas, to pop icons, to DIY makeup, we've got you covered with the list below.

Not So Spooky Costume Ideas:

  1. Lil Nas X
  2. Taylor Swift (You Need To Calm Down Video)
  3. Flo (from Progressive)
  4. Darla (in Finding Nemo)
  5. Lizzo
  6. Genie in Aladdin
  7. Elton John (in Rocketman)
  8. It Clown
  9. Captain Marvel
  10. The Joker 

Let Cody know what you are going to be for Halloween by tagging him on Instagram or by following him on Twitter @CodyAlan.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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