Child Notices Candy Bowl is Empty And Refills it With His Own Candy

Video of a young boy's act of generosity on Halloween is going viral.

According to the post from Leslie Hodges, they'd set out a bowl full of candy for all the trick-or-treaters in their neighborhood on Halloween. But as the legion of trick-or-treaters made their way through the neighborhood, helping themselves to the candy bowl outside Hodges' home in Gambrills, Maryland, eventually, the bowl ran dry.

Surveillance video showed one young boy dressed as a vampire walk up to the bowl, his face falling as he realizes the house was all out of sweets. But, just as he's about to leave and move on to the next house, surveillance video shows him noticing another, younger trick-or-treater approaching and he quickly grabs several pieces of out his own bag, to put into the bowl for the young girl approaching the home.

Hodges posted the sweet scene to her Facebook page where it quickly went viral, racking up 166,000 likes and more than 241,000 shares, with thousands of people chiming in, congratulating the young man on his generosity.

"Caught this on our Nest camera.... this has got to give hope to everyone that there are still amazing people in this world. What a selfless act from this little guy!❤️Kudos to his parents!!! #imnotcrying," Leslie wrote, tagging her husband.

"So sweet. He didn't even think twice about it!😍" one commenter wrote.

Parenting done right. It's always great to see children perform acts of kindness and compassion," another person wrote.

"Awesome! Kid is being brought up with proper etiquette," a third person wrote.

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