Have You Been To Georgia's Best Hippie Town?


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In comparison to California and Oregon hippie towns, Georgia doesn't hold a candle, but; this is about as hippie as it gets in the South.

According to a list of the best hippie towns in each state compiled by Thrillist, Georgia's best hippie town is Athens. Athens is known for housing the University of Georgia, but it is also home to a wide array of eclectic "hippie" stores that cannot be found anywhere else in the state.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about Athens:

"One might be inclined to go with Little Five Points in Atlanta—but of course, it's just a small part of a larger city, and one that, despite being nicknamed the "City Too Busy to Hate," isn't necessarily known for its bohemian vibes. For city-wide hippie-ness, nowhere beats Athens, the proverbial blueberry in a cherry pie and home to the University of Georgia. It’s the birthplace of the B-52s, which may not be a traditional hippie band but is certainly offbeat in its own right. And the town is full of hippie clothing stores and head shops: not an uncommon sight in any university town, but certainly not very common in Georgia."

For more information regarding the best hippie town in each state visit HERE.

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