Georgia Man Jumps Into Alligator Pond During Police Chase

Alligator about to bite

Photo: Getty Images

This Chatham County man went to such extensive lengths to escape the police, that he risked his own limbs. According to WSB-TV, 29-year-old Billy Sloan was running from the police when he jumped into a local golf course pond filled with alligators.

The police chase began when Sloan was discovered to be at a local gas station that morning in possession of a stolen car. Once he realized that the police were after him, he sped away in the vehicle. WSB-TV mentioned that Sloan soon parked the stolen car and ran into a local golf course community. When police found the abandoned car, they began to chase him on foot and saw him jump into a pond with alligators.

Sloan swam to the middle of the pond and stayed there for nearly an hour with one of the alligators circling him. Officers tried to help Sloan escape from the alligator by scaring them away with a helicopter. They also tried to hand him a lifejacket that he refused to take.

A police water vehicle was used to pull a reluctant Sloan to shore where he was searched for injuries and taken to a local detention center. WSB-TV detailed that the suspect is being charged for theft, criminal trespass, burglary, and obstruction.

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