This Georgia Restaurant Serves The Best Fried Chicken

Homemade Southern Fried Chicken Dinner

Photo: Getty Images

Happy National Fried Chicken Day! If you are searching for the best way to celebrate this holiday, look no further than the most popular place to order fried chicken in the entire city. Southerners take their fried chicken very seriously so when it's good, it must really be phenomenal.

According to the Atlanta Eater, the best place to order fried chicken in Atlanta is at The Beautiful Restaurant located off of Cascade Road. This fried chicken staple is known for their soul food plates featuring some of the best vegetables and biscuits around. Their chicken is served as part of a buffet that allows guests to choose from an abundance of sides. Atlanta Eater recommended that first-timers try the fried catfish in addition to the classic, crispy fried chicken.

Here is what Atlanta Eater had to say about The Beautiful Restaurant:

"Established in 1979, cafeteria-style the Beautiful on Cascade Road delivers exactly what’s promised: soul-soothing food, like vibrantly colored vegetables and super crispy fried chicken, set against a metal backdrop along the buffet. The portions are huge here, and all the recipes are classic. Try the fried catfish, too."

For more information regarding the best places to order fried chicken throughout the city visit HERE.

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