Georgia School Employee Fired For What Was In Her Purse

Thief trying to steal a handbag

Photo: Getty Images

Quandra Johnson left her purse in a staff-only restroom at Oconee County Primary School overnight, and another employee brought it to the office. According to WSB-TV, upon arriving at the office, school officials looked inside and found a gun in the purse. The gun was immediately removed from the school's campus after it was found.

WSB-TV mentioned that those investigating the case do not believe that Johnson harbored ill-intention with the weapon. Despite this hypothesis, she was fired following the discovery. Johnson was arrested for bringing the gun into the school in the first place.

The Oconee County Sheriff's Office took to Facebook to detail the incident to followers.

"An employee brought the purse to the front office area of the school to find it contained a firearm. It was immediately secured and removed from campus by The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office. We have no reason to believe that she had any intention of causing harm. As always, student and employee safety is our highest priority. She has been dismissed from employment and arrested for carrying a weapon within a school safety zone," the post read.

There was no information released regarding Johnson's reasoning for bringing the gun on to school property, or the position that she held at the school as the investigation concludes.

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