Jon Pardi's Wife Summer Shares Heartwarming Anniversary Tribute

Photo: Getty Images

Summer Pardi shared a heartwarming anniversary tribute to her superstar husband as the couple prepares to welcome their firstborn child. Summer posted a romantic slideshow of stunning wedding photos set to “The Way I Love You,” by Michal Leah.

“Happy anniversary handsome 🤍 i love you,” Summer wrote in her caption on Monday (November 21).

Summer and “Head Over Boots” hitmaker Jon Pardi tied the knot two years ago, and now, they’re getting ready to become a “Pardi of 3” in early 2023. Jon and Summer revealed last month that they’re expecting a girl in February.

Jon and Summer first confirmed to PEOPLE that they would become a “Pardi of 3,” and Summer said at that time that her husband is a kid at heart, so “I can only imagine how much fun this little Pardi addition will be for him and our family.”

She previously admitted that Jon didn’t seem to get it at first when she told him that she was pregnant. Summer did it by pretending she’d found a scratch on the couple’s new both, but instead, taped a “baby on board” sign to the back with her positive pregnancy test. “He thought i was just making fun of him because the boat was his new baby,” she wrote in her caption as she shared a video of that moment, but “5 minutes later he was blasting baby shark in the kitchen, already thriving hahah.”

Happy anniversary to the Pardis:

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