Worst First Pitch Ever Planted On Photographer!

Tuesday night at Guaranteed Rate Field before the Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago White Sox game was one of those "bad" ceremonial first pitches that went very, very wrong.

The Chicago Tribue reported that "Mary Ruich, the White Sox “Employee of the Homestand,” wound up and released the ball late, hitting the camera of photographer Darren Georgia, who was capturing the moment on the first-base side of the mound." And it was stunningly bad.

Ruichs' daughter even tweeted the pitch and a look at the baseball after it hit the camera.

And just to make the event come full circle, the photographer captured the shot moments before he was hit by the ball!

I will never feel afraid of making a bad "first pitch" again! Come on Atlanta Braves...GIVE ME A SHOT!

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