Tips To Spot Fake 'Deals' On Amazon Prime Day(s)!

You know I'm a Amazon Prime member and a frequent flier for weekly purchases! Heck, my husband has us on the list for a Amazon drone delivery pad in the backyard if they every get around to beta testing them!

But you need to make smart decisions when shopping, so here are a few tips to protect yourself!

Check the price! Some retailers will mark an items price up just before listing a "sale" price for Prime Day. You can use price trackers like Camelcamelcamel to track the price history of any item on Amazon to be sure it's a deal.

Read the fine print! You want to know if the product is sold by Amazon, a manufacturer, or from a third-party seller. Why? Some third-party sellers may not offer the same warranty or return policy.

Is it really new? Especially with electronics make sure the item is new, not refurbished...unless you are want to buy something used to save money. Refurbished items may not offer some kind of warranty too.

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis shares tips for consumers to make sure they're getting discounts that are truly deals during Amazon's biggest sale of the year.

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