UGA student photographer shares last photo taken before hard sideline hit

If you were watching the UGA-Auburn Game Saturday you saw UGA student photographer Chamberlain Smith get "tackled" UGA tailback Brian Herrien as he was pushed out of bounds. He could not stop before his knee hit her in the head. She immediately went down and was motionless for several moments but eventually, she was taken off the field on a backboard and was alert. 

Here's the hit if you missed it:

Monday she posted that she "walked away with nothing but a concussion and some bruises."

Today she shared the photo she got just before she got hi and it's a good one! She wrote on Instagram: "For those of you asking if I got “the” shot, here it is!! The last thing my camera & I saw before being tackled. Brian Herrien, I hope you LOVE this photo!!"

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