Clemson & LSU Battle On Field, Work Together To Save Tigers!

The national championship showdown may feature the tigers of Clemson University taking on the tigers of Louisiana State University...they work together off the field for a great purpose!

Clemson University, Auburn University, Louisiana State University, and the University of Missouri all work together in the U.S. Tiger University Consortium, a coalition for universities that claim the tiger as their mascot.

While the Tiger mascots roam the sidelines of all four schools, there are approximately only 3,900 wild tigers living in 13 countries across the world, according to the Global Tiger Forum. Illegal poaching and a loss of natural habitats are among the factors that have contributed to their population decline.

Through the U.S. Tiger University Consortium, the universities conduct research and support the work of conservation professionals, offering academic support to conservationists through scholarships and assistantships.

For this cause, we can all say "go tigers!"

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