Phone Scam Alert For Dallas, GA!

If you live in Dallas, GA, be aware of this phone scam. The scammers call from a 1-800 number and threatened to shut off your power if you don't pay up right away.

The Dallas Police Department reported several complaints from people who received the calls and the advise you not to fall for the call.

If you do answer you'll hear a phone recording, informing the person that their Georgia Power account is past due, and they must press a number on their keypad to be transferred to the company's billing department.

After the call is transferred, the scammer answers and demands immediate payment via a cash app or they tell you that you can purchase a gift card at a local store as payment. If you do not, according to the scammer, your power will be disconnected in 30 minutes.

Georgia Power, says they will never call and demand payments by threatening to cut off utilities in that way.

Contact Georgia Power at 1-888-660-5890 before making any payments.

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