Watch Dierks Bentley Help Out Drummer Steve Who Lost Home To Tornado!

Dierks Bentley and his band & crew decided to help out longtime drummer Steve Misamore who lost his home in the deadly tornados that hit Nashville. Of course, they also want to add a little levity to what has been a tough week!

Misamore and his wife had posted a video on Instagram, showing what was left of their home while being thankful that it was “just a house.” And even before the band decided to drop in he was joking about the devastation.

Steve says in the video, “hey everyone, Steve and CarryAnn here. Aas you can see behind us, yeah, we did take the direct hit,” “We were in Vero Beach, Florida, starting a vacation, and got the call at about one in the morning from our neighbor that the tornado hit.”

“We saw it on the news, flew back. As you can see, we’ve lost the top floor, or you could say decided to develop an open concept.”

You can find many ways to help and support Nashville disaster relief HERE

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