Who Is Selene Delgado Lopez .. And Why Can't You Unfriend Her On Facebook?

Have you heard about the woman who is stalking you and every other person on Facebook?

You may not be surprised to learn it is yet another viral conspiracy theory where Facebook users are being warned about Selene Delgado Lopez! The posts you see will tell you that Selene Delgado Lopez is your friend on Facebook. But do you know her? Did you add her as a friend? Who is this woman?

As detailed in this Mashable article, it's a hoax that started in Mexico

Decades ago, the TV network Canal 5 used to run a missing persons segment in between shows and one particular missing person was: Selene Delgado Lopez. For some unknown reason viewers became fixated on her and this mysterious woman, Selene Delgado Lopez, became an urban legend.

Then this year Canal 5 was posting strange videos on Twitter as part of a marketing campaign that resulted in the station becoming a trending topic on Twitter and one of the tweets mentioned...Selene Delgado Lopez. Canal 5 viewers immediately recalled the Selene Delgado Lopez urban legend and began creating Selene Delgado Lopez profiles, all using the same photo.

So why does it appear Selene Delgado Lopez is your Facebook friend in the first place?

The Selene Delgado Lopez account, likely created as a joke by a Canal 5 viewer, that has gone viral has the friend request button turned off in its Facebook privacy settings. (you use this setting if you don't want just anyone to try to friend you) So the friend request button is removed, replaced by the button to send a Facebook user a message...making this fake Selene Delgado Lopez account look like someone you’re already friends with!

But you are NOT Facebook friends with...Selene Delgado Lopez!

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