Why I LOVE St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

I remember the first time I ever heard about St Jude Children's Research Hospital. I was a student at Auburn University. I was broke. I was listening to the Country Cares radiothon on South 106 in Columbus, Ga and after hearing several patient stories, my heart felt like it was going to literally come through my chest. Before I knew it, I picked up my phone and called that phone number the person on the radio told me to. I donated $20. It was my gas money for the week. I decided I could walk whenever I needed to go that week but I didn't have to. My tank never even got close to empty but my heart was super full!

I always tell people I think that was one of the precious St. Jude Angels tugging on my heart and telling me it was ok to give that money and that everything would be ok in my world!

Ironically, (or maybe it was a sign!) I ended up working on the air at South 106 after I graduated and I became the person on the air giving the phone number! I also became a Partner In Hope and that monthly donation has continued every year since then! I am proud that I have been part of Country Cares For St Jude for for 23 years now!

Over those years I have watched amazing things happen as the hospital has grown and the research and services have continued to expand. More importantly I have met so many St Jude kids and their families. Sadly some of them didn't make it, but so many are strong and healthy now because o four donations!

Check out the pix below of some of them like Jake - who I met when he was just 5 years old with a brain tumor. He's in COLLEGE now!

I met Kinlee days after she return from a No More Chemo party in Memphis. She had NO hair...but the next year she was rockin' full head of hair and is a cheerleader!

Addison! His mom and Dad called us while were were doing the radiothon and told us they were headed to Memphis that day because he had been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. By the next radiothon, we got the call he was cured!

I've witnessed the miracles!

I know this year has not been easy on us and I know many are having financial struggles. To those, I ask you to send a pray up for the families, the kids, the researchers and the doctors.

If you have been blessed this year and are able, please become a Partner In Hope with me! Just go to Stjude.org!

Kinlee just days after her No More Chemo party!
Kinlee now!
Addison - At the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis and back home in NC!
Jake at 6 years old
Jake at 19!

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