Time For Tim “The Tool Man” To Return To TV?

Is Home Improvement coming back to television soon?

Tim Allen's Home Improvement character, Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor popped up on this weeks episode of Last Man Standing.

Allen tweeted a tease, saying: "I know hard to believe three egos that big fit on your screen right? Well tonite the Toolman is back to mess with you, me and me. #LastManStanding"

In the episode, Tim wanted to meet Allen’s other character Mike Baxter because word was they looked a lot alike, and Tim shows up to help Mike with some repairs.

While it was fun to see two Tim Allen characters on screen at once, a big hint about the possible return of Home Improvement was that in one scene Mike tells Tim, “You might want to think of rebooting that Tool Time .”

And Twitter lit up with speculation!

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