Teen awakens from 11 month coma to find the world a very different place

How would you explain what has happened in the past year to someone who has basically slept through the whole thing? That’s what the family of 19 year old Joseph Flavill is dealing with.

According to Metro News, Joseph was struck by a car while walking through Burton in Staffordshire England last March. He has bee in a come since his arrival at Leicester General Hospital until recently. His family reports he has opened his eyes and says he is making good progress. He’s even able to give his medical staff a high five!

But a lot has happened since March 1, 2020 when he was injured and Joseph has missed it all. His family says they now are struggling with how to explain the pandemic and all that goes with it.

Imagine explain why everyone is wearing mask. No one stand closer than six feet to each other and why His mother has been the only one allowed to visit him due to coronavirus protocol.

He has learned phrases like “Lockdown” and “Social Distancing” and has been communicating with family and friends via Facetime.

Before his accident, Joseph had been working toward taking a year off after school and traveling the world, so now his friends and family are doing it for him! Metro reports that around 100 people are cycling, walking, running and rowing to travel the equivalent of an around-the-world trip at home in Joseph’s honor!

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