Ready to hug in public? Check the color of your wristband.

It's like a bad dance. You see someone you haven't seen since before the pandemic. How do you greet them? Handshake? Fist bump? Elbow tap? Full blown hug? How are we supposed to know the other person's comfort level post pandemic for personal space?

That's why Amber Viens and Desiree Haller, cofounded Social Bands, a new color-coded wristbands system that makes those individual preferences known without anyone having to say a word.

The system is easy to follow - like a traffic light.

Red means no contact;. Yellow means an elbow bump is okay. Green means bring it in for a hug or the high-five!

According to their website: "Social Bands are a silent way to communicate your preferences on social distancing with a very affordable and easy to understand program. We created our program specifically for trade shows, office buildings, churches, cruise ships, etc."

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