"Tha Nature Boy" Ric Flair's Last Match is This Sunday

"The Nature Boy" Ric Flair will take one last strut down the catwalk this Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee in what he says will be his final match. No really. This time he is ACTUALLY retiring!

He is teaming up with his son-in-law, daughter Charlotte's husband, Andrade El Idolo, to take on Lethal and Jeff Jarrett, in the tag team main event of an independent card in Nashville.

It's his first match since 2011 and he says it will be his last.

Five years ago, Flair spent two weeks on life support and was in intensive care for a month. He told ESPN he was given about a 15% chance to survive. A year after that, he underwent four heart surgeries and had a pacemaker installed. According to ESPN, Flair has spent the last three months preparing for the match in Tampa with Lethal and his strength and conditioning coach, Rob MacIntyre.

At the age of 73 you may be asking "Why?"

"Ego and glory," Flair said to ESPN, explaining his motivations. "And family."

The former 16-time world champion and two-time WWE Hall of Famer has quite the history between the ropes. He was the leader of the legendary Four Horsemen. His flambouyant speeches on the microphone are legendary. His style and swagger, with extravagant spending on suits, robes, crocodile-skin shoes, cars, food and booze can't be touched. And let's no forget his signature "WOOOO!"

I remember my first live event watching him wrestle like it was yearterday. 1996, I got tickets in the second row from the top of the LJVM Coliseum in Winston- Salem, NC because I HAD to see The Four Horsemen in action! Fast forward to spring of 2017 - he and his wife were having dinner at a restaurant that I happened to be broadcasting from and I got to meet him! He even told me that he listened to me on the air (swoon!!) Just a few short months after that meeting, I heard he was in a coma and on life support.

And here we are today, a whole nation of pro-wrestling fans eager to watch “Ric Flair’s Last Match.″ It will be available to watch on Fite.tv live as it airs. The option to buy the pay-per-view will be available afterwards, as well, if you miss the event and can't watch it live.

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