How Christian Hip-Hop Artist Lecrae Aims To Restore Atlanta Communities

Through his latest album release and book publishing, Lecrae aims to inspire restoration.

That includes in his own backyard.

Lecrae, the Christian hip-hop artist and Grammy winner, coupled his album Restoration with his book I Am Restored: How I lost My Religion, But Found My Faith.

"Is it possible to find restoration after abuse, trauma, divorce, division, addiction, hopelessness? Yes," the Atlanta artist previously shared on Instagram, along with a link to purchase the book. "Walk with me."

The album and the book both released last year, following about two years of work, the Atlanta Voice reported Tuesday (March 2).

In the spirit of restoration, Lecrae also hopes to help his community through Love Beyond Walls, Peace Preparatory Academy and other organizations. His focus is on Atlanta’s west side, in the Vine City and English Avenue neighborhoods, according to the Atlanta Voice.

“When you experience (restoration) personally because you’ve been through some (trauma), you want the world to experience,” Lecrae told the Voice. I think the world is going through social, emotional, and racial trauma right now and I want that helping for everyone struggling.”

“The book is for people who are struggling with hope,” he continued. “If you can hope you can heal.”

Photo: Getty Images