Here's How Much A Cup Of Coffee Costs In Atlanta

Cup of coffee on a wooden table

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Most people could use a cup of coffee in the morning — or maybe a pick-me-up in the afternoon — and unless coffee lovers brew their own beverage from home, it’ll cost them. But some could pay more than others, depending on where they live.

That’s according to Cash Net USA, which determined the price of a cup of coffee in every state. Here’s how: “Our World Coffee Index 2021 highlighted the cost of coffee in every country in the world, but this time we wanted to shift our focus to the United States exclusively. So we used to gather the prices of over 10,000 coffee shops across 2,500 cities in the US.”

The analysis found that California is the state with the most coffee shops (9,615), Louisiana has some of the least affordable coffee compared to income, Washington has the most expensive coffee (in Seattle, it rings in at $3.32), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has the cheapest coffee ($1.18), and other highlights.

Several Georgia cities rank on the list — including Columbus, Savannah, Augusta and others — but where does Atlanta rank? Coffee generally costs $2.87 in Atlanta, with 36 coffee shops per 100,000 population.

See the full rankings from Cash Net USA here.

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