Drive-Thru Zoo Outside of Atlanta Is Worth The Drive

It's not every day you can say, "Hey let's go on an African Safari" right?! Thanks to the Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA you can make that happen without breaking the bank! About an hour outside of Atlanta sits the Wild Animal Safari. The park is full of exotic animals and the best part is you can drive right through it and the animals will walk right up to your car.

Come on, how cool is it that you can feed a Zebra and so many other animals from your car?! The Wild Animal Safari is located in Pine Mountain, Georgia and the place makes for an amazing exotic experience that's close to home that you can hop in the car and take the family.

The park operates as a drive-thru and on any day this unique zoo will give you all sorts of memories with your family. You'll find as you drive through your car will be surrounded by roaming wildlife.