It's Not Too Late: 4 Ways to Reach Your 2024 Goals

Join Amy and her niece Adelyn (ep. 3 of 4) as they bust out their journals and read off goals that they wrote for the year such as making the bed every morning, being more spontaneous, traveling, having more faces around the house, being a good friend, and camping! 

In an effort to reach some of their goals (being that we are halfway through the year) they share 4 practical steps we can all do to achieve our goals (per Harvard Business Review.) 

Adelyn also talks about doing Mel Robbins’ “Make 2024 Your Best Year” workbook with her mom earlier in the year, and she shares some of the questions you can ask yourself to make it a good year!

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

GUEST: Adelyn Dozier // @adelynedozier

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