Scariest Uber Experience Ever

Two Of The Worst Janitors Ever

One episode with two different janitor stories. Both end up with them going to jail but for two very different reasons. Also, covering something a school is banning and a road trip gone wrong.

Some Work Mistakes Are Unforgiveable

We all make mistakes at work, but this one is unforgiveable. Also, the worst thing you can do as a parent is what this one couple did to their son. Hear all that and more in this episode!

This Is Why You Don't Talk To Strangers

Here is a warning story as to why you should never speak to strangers or anyone in public that you don't already know. Also, probably one of the worst lies ever is documented in this episode. They took it way too far. Hear all that and more!

Is This Potentially The Worst Mom Ever?

This lady will not be winning mom of the year award, that much we know. Is she the worst though? A dad taking kids sports to the next level is covered as well as something that has been happening to me for the past 4 months. Crazy! All that in this episode!

Employee Attacks Boss With Bacon

3 very dumb criminal stories for you ranging from attacking bosses with bacon to helping a criminal escape prison. All that and more in this episode!

Don't Go To Mexico or The Dr. For These Things!

Couple visits that are not recommended. Don't go to the Dr. like this one Florida lady did and never go to Mexico unless you are vacationing. That and more in this episode!

Go Big Or Go Home!

If you're going to do anything, do it in a big way! This lady got kicked out of a place and responded in an epic way. Also, a lady getting divorced wanted to celebrate in a big way as well. Plus a couple ridiculous products are being released, all of that is covered in this episode!

You're Stuck With This, End Of Story

Two dumb criminal stories covered along with a person who is trying to legally change something, you can't change this! And another lawsuit, should he win it?

It's Not Worth Doing This To Impress A Girl

A guy trying to get some brownie points with a girl ended up paying the price. Also, if you're running late for work never do "this!" And something happened to me the other day that I'm still in shock over. Especially what happened afterwards.