Kimmie’s Critters

Kimmie’s Critters

Teaming Up with PAWS Atlanta to find homes for the city's cutest residents!


Kimmie's Critters: Meet Piggy!

Photo: PAWS Atlanta

Name: Piggy

Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 3 years

Breed: Pitbull mix

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 1.5 years

Likes: treats, making human friends

Dislikes: other pups, not being in the limelight


Piggy is a perfect, velvety sweet potato who snorts every time something makes her happy! Whether it’s a day-hike or an evening on the couch with a movie, she's a total trooper and up for anything. She’s a social butterfly and adores being the center of attention. Because she wants all eyes on her, Piggy is not a big fan of other dogs, so she would do best as an only child. Piggy is so smart and eager to learn new things. She’s been working on some extra-good-girl skills with a trainer recently and is doing extremely well! She's a happy, upbeat girl and would love to go on adventures with you. She’s active enough to be able to keep up with a physically fit owner, but she also really enjoys the couch-potato life, too. Treats are much appreciated!

Did we mention she can give high-fives?!

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