Kimmie’s Critters

Kimmie’s Critters

Teaming Up with PAWS Atlanta to find homes for the city's cutest residents!


Kimmie's Critters: Meet Darwin!

Name: Darwin

Species: Dog

Sex: Male

Age: 8 years

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 4 years

Likes: food, enrichment activities

Dislikes: other dogs and people near his food!


Darwin an XL guy with an XL heart. He’s incredibly handsome and charms everyone he meets. However, Darwin is one of our long-term pups. Because he’s been at the shelter for almost half of his life, he’s developed some resource guarding tendencies around food. This is common and can result from the anxiety of shelter life for some dogs. Resource guarding can usually be corrected with training, and Darwin is a smart guy who is ready to learn. Darwin would do best in an adult home, preferably one where he can get some daily exercise and activities that will challenge his mind. With the right balance of consistency and enrichment, Darwin will thrive! We are crazy about this sweet lug and would love to tell you more about Darwin. Come by and take him out for a walk on our trail! He’d love to meet you!

For more on Darwin and adopting/fostering from PAWS Atlanta, click here.

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