Kimmie’s Critters

Kimmie’s Critters

Teaming Up with PAWS Atlanta to find homes for the city's cutest residents!


Meet Brandy!

Name: Brandy

Species: Dog

Sex: Female

Age: 11 years

Breed: Pit Bull Mix

Time at PAWS Atlanta: 3 years

Likes: toys and games, fetch, tennis balls

Dislikes: Other pets, kids

Bio: We have so many great dogs in our program, but Brandy, with her tiny quotation mark ears, is one who has really grabbed our hearts. She is fiercely loyal and so, so smart. She adores treats and tennis balls. Brandy has been waiting years for a home, largely because she needs the right fit. An adult home with a strong routine would be optimal. She loves playing fetch and is excellent at it. Brandy is a tripod, but she has no idea she has any limitations, so please, please don't tell her she is any different from any other playful, graceful, athletic dog. Brandy tanked rather miserably on her cat test and isn't a fan of other dogs. She also needs an adult home, preferably with someone who can work with her and help her continue to adjust to life outside of the shelter. She's currently in a foster home and doing wonderfully, but really wants to find a home of her own.

For more info on Brandy and adopting from PAWS Atlanta, click here.

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