Dunkin' Drive-Thru Customer Gifts Evicted Employee A New Home

This story is magnificent. And it's just what we need around the holidays!

Suzanne Burke is a frequent customer at her local Dunkin'. Over the past three years, she has built a friendship with Ebony Johnson. Ebony works the drive-thru each morning when Suzanne would grab her coffee. Ebony, who is a single mother of three kids, was gone for about three weeks and it worried Suzanne. When she found out that Ebony had been evicted with her three kids, she decided to see what she could do for her friend.

It turned out that Suzanne could do a lot. She found them a permanent home and even filled it with furniture with help from New Life Furniture Bank, an organization that takes donations of household items and gives them to people in need. Ebony told reporters she was especially thankful that her kids would have a place to celebrate the holidays this year.

Watch below and tell me it doesn't make you smile! Never underestimate the power of kindness, friendship or prayer.

Photo: Getty Images

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