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Kristen's Favorite Things - Valentine's Edition Pick #4

You love your Sweetie more than anything. They bring a lot of amazing qualities to the table. And they make you feel loved and supported. But that same sweet soul would lose their heads if they weren't attached. Chances are, they can turn into a MONSTER when they can't find something. And you sit back in shock and awe. How could the sweetest and kindest human who you love so much turn into this creature with fangs and fire in their eyes?!?!?!

As a chronic "forgetter"...I have a special place in my heart for these people. I've lost keys. I lost my wallet one time in the Dallas Convention Center in Texas. I've lost my phone. My purse. If you can lose it, I've lost it. So be gentle with these folks. They're juggling a lot. OR...avoid these situations entirely with a Valentine's gift that can drastically improve EVERYBODY'S life - and save everybody involved a lot of time NOT having to look for something lost.

Get them a Tile.

With Tile, you're giving your significant other a backup plan when they can't find something. It's a simple little "tile" or tag that they can attach to things like keys and wallets. When they're heading out and their keys are nowhere to be found, all they have to do is open up the Tile app on their phone and tap "FIND". The Tile will start ringing. Or use the Proximity Meter with green rings that fill in as you get closer to what you lost.

If they lose something when they're away from home, Tile can help locate it with a location on a map. It even shows the last time it was with them. It's pretty awesome.

You can also pair the Tile and use it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. But I think an added peace of mind is that there's a code that can be scanned if someone finds the missing item before you do. You'll be able to be contacted and reunited with your lost item.

No more time wasted looking for something lost. No more irritation. No more stress. NO MORE ARGUING. Just!

You can head to 94.9 The Bull's Instagram page to try and win The Tile. Just look for my video on the feed and tag your sweetie. Good Luck! If you missed yesterday's item, it's posted below too.

Here's to giving a practical Valentine's Day gift that will hopefully make life a little simpler for the one you love. Who could ask for better than that?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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