Kristen Gates Talks CMT Music Awards With CBS

The CMT Music Awards made their network debut last night on CBS. It was a three-hour country PALOOZA and I didn't want to miss a single performance or award, so I stayed up past 11:00 PM. As a result, I slept right through my seven alarms this morning. UGH!

I brushed my teeth, threw on my biggest hoodie and a ball cap and got to work just in time. Halfway through the show, I remembered that I may need to do a cut-in with the morning crew over at CBS46. As soon as I thought I was in the clear, I heard the email chime. Oh Lord, I have to go on television looking like a busted mess. Oh well...this is me. Story of my life.

Thank God for the few pieces of makeup I found in the bottom of my bag. I used lip liner as eye liner. I had a cream eye shadow stick that I used for lipstick. Hot mess. Hopefully I made up for my lack of appearance with excitement of one of country music's biggest nights.

Juggling a live radio show and a live television cut-in is a bit stressful, but it's also fun to talk about this genre of music. There's a stereotype that comes with being a country music fan so if we can say or play something that draws in a new listener, that's a win!

I can't wait to walk down the hall and get the "why were you wearing a ball cap on live television" question. But least my youngest child's tennis team was represented on the hoodie. He plays in a region match this afternoon so I'm mom flexing in a major way!

Just another day, right? Thanks to Brooks, Gurvir and Rob at CBS46. It's always fun!

Photo: Getty Images

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