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Kristen Gates Shares Big News

So… I have news. Really exciting news. But it’s an announcement that I never in a million years thought I would ever be making. I have always considered it an honor to get to host a morning show. The hours are rough at times, but I’ve never taken a second of it for granted – and there have been a lot of “seconds” of my life spent in front of this microphone. 

I graduated from college while doing my first morning show. I fell in love, got married, had kids and basically did the full-time working mom grind while doing a morning show. And then years later, I divorced and weeks later was diagnosed with cancer while on a morning show. I remember driving into the show in the wee hours of the morning wondering how in the world I could put a smile on your face when I was so sad.  But I didn’t have to make you smile. You made me smile. You made me forget for five hours each day that I was scared and depressed and lonely.

Fast forward a few years- I’ve dealt with a number of little health hurdles. I’ve had a brain tumor removed. I’ve sent one child off to college. I’m watching my second child graduate from high school tonight. I’ve got an incredible relationship with my ex-husband. I have this incredibly funny circle of girlfriends that would drop anything at any moment if I needed it. And you’ve been a part of all of it with me because I’ve been lucky enough to do it all on the air – on a morning show.

And maybe I’ve put too much out there. But it’s real life. You’ve allowed me to share mine with you. And you’ve shared yours with me. You’ve probably heard me say on the air that we’re all trying to be the best spouses, parents, friends and co-workers we can be. We’re all running in the same rat-race. Not to beat each other out…just to make it to the finish line, right? But I feel like when it comes to morning radio… I’ve made it to the finish line. Twenty-nine years of waking up really early and then watching the clock all day while trying to squeeze it all in before it was time to steal a few hours of sleep before doing it again the next day… that’s coming to an end for me. Friday will be my last day hosting mornings on 94.9 The Bull.  

And yes, I’m ugly crying as I type this. Not because I’m sad. I’m so appreciative. I’m so humbled. I’m beyond grateful. I’m walking away from this incredible experience with so much more maturity and self-worth and strength and love than I ever could have imagined. It’s emotional for me. I’ve never known an adult day in my life that didn’t include a morning show. It’s just been a huge part of my thought process for so so so long. But I’ve climbed the mountain. I’m exhausted. And I’m more than ready for my next chapter. 

Now… here’s where it gets interesting… and exciting… really stinking amazing. I’ve got a new challenge ahead and I can’t wait... I’m not leaving 94.9 The Bull. How could I? I love this station and I love the people who listen to it even more. Instead of riding shotgun with you as you make your way into work each day, I’ll be moving to afternoons to be your co-pilot as you ride home. Again… an honor that I don’t and won’t take for granted. 

So that’s my good news – I’ll be on from 2pm – 7pm each weekday.   And that means YOU get a brand spanking new morning show! You’ll meet them tomorrow morning and then you’ll get to know more about them each day this week as they join me in studio. This is going to be one VERY fun week – and one HECK of a fun new ride for this chick! 

Horns Up, Atlanta!!!!


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