Mom Documents Cancer Battle, Reminds People to Get Checked

Just a few short months ago, Kirstin Pretorius was feeling better than ever.  In her own words, she says,

Ironically, this year marked the peak of my 'health' and my fitness. I've never felt better, stronger, or more comfortable with myself than I did turning 34. My marriage had never been better and my children were thriving. Everything was beautifully bright. But, despite feeling perfectly well, I went for my routine yearly health check.

That's when doctors found a lump. Then another, and then another. Three tumors were growing in her chest, and the course of her life was drastically altered in an instant. 

Now she's sharing her journey through chemo and treatment, and encouraging others to stay on top of their health!

She says, "So check your boobs. Know your body. Cancer happens. To anyone."

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