"Veganuary" Is Catching On, Big Time!

With the start of each new year, thousands of people make resolutions to eat better starting in January. And one of the ways some folks are trying to make that happen is by pledging to go meat-free for a month, in “Veganuary.”

Haven’t heard of it before? Here’s the background scoop: Veganuary is a nonprofit that started back in 2014 with the hopes of getting participants to convert to being lifelong vegans after spending a month not eating animal products. The group believes that a vegan diet is better for the environment and their month-long January challenge is catching on.

Instagram users are already using the hashtag #veganuary, announcing their commitment a month ahead of the meat-free month. And the U.K. nonprofit is now advertising more in the U.S., like with ads here in Boston on the transit system. So if you want to try the plant-based month of eating, at least you have a few more weeks to down as much cheese and bacon as you can!

Below are some photos from Instagram to get you inspired. There are tons of alternatives out there to your favorite meats, cheeses, milks, ice creams, and more!

Source: The Daily Meal

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