Saoirse Ronan Pronounces Her Name In EVERY Interview

You probably recognize this actress from "Brooklyn," "Lady Bird," "The Host," "The Lovely Bones," "The Grand Budapest Hotel," and many more films. But do you know her name?

YouTuber Owen Harvey collected a bunch of clips of various interviews with Saoirse Ronan... and you'll find there's a theme to most of these interviews...

Here are some of the most ridiculous ways people have tried to pronounce this poor woman's name: soarsay sheershay smearshay suarez saresee saorise skersha suarshay saucy sheesha swishy shooshoo soyshe sushi seahorse cirrhosis sorsay shelly sur-sha syersha sorsha

And for the record, it's SUR-SHA! Rhymes with inertia. 

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