Two New Starbucks Drinks Are Coming Out Soon

Starbucks is always changing up their menu by adding and subtracting fancy new drinks (and driving their baristas crazy!).

There are two new drinks headed to Starbucks menus this spring.

The first sounds delicious to me! It's the Rose Honey Latte.

The Rose Honey latte is made with Reserve espresso and milk, combined with a “fragrant infusion of caramelized honey, rose water, and earthy cinnamon." You've got to head to one of the special Starbucks Reserve locations for this fancy drink, but coffee connoisseurs say it's well worth the trip.

The second drink will be available at any local Starbucks for an extremely limited time. It's the Crystal Ball Frappuccino and it arrives in stores this Thursday.

The Crystal Ball frapp is reported to be a turquoise, peach-flavored drink topped with rock candy crystals that was created to look good on Instagram and is only available for four days, or until supplies run out.

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