Man Confronts School Superintendent, Who Tortured Him as a Child

Whoa... Anyone who ever suffered at the hands of a bully needs to watch this.

Greg Barrett was tortured endlessly by his peers back when he was in school. He was bullied because at the time, his name was Greg Gay. As an adult, he changed the name that caused him so much misery throughout his childhood.

Years later, Greg is now a successful business owner with a loving family, living in the same town he grew up in. But the stories he hears in the news and on social media about bullying and guns in school are particularly disturbing to him. He was once that tormented child, who considered ending it all with a gun.

He decided to approach the school board and open up about his story... This took a great deal of bravery from Greg. The superintendent of the school district, Lance Hindt, was one of Greg's bullies. He described the painful bullying he endured, saying, “I had my head shoved in a urinal where it busted my lip. I laid on a ground in a fetal position while the kids kicked me,” he said. 

Then he revealed that Superintendent Hindt was the one that shoved his head in the urinal.

And like a true bully who never grew up or learned his lesson, Hindt proceeded to laugh at Greg. Disgusting.

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